Ch. 1 – Introduction

Lawrence M. Kaile “Fatman – Ironman”

So here it is… My first Blog.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be getting closer and closer to what, for me, will be a huge achievement – Standing on the start line of an Ironman event.

I will use my Blog as a means of reflection and include all kinds of truths along the way. I will include a variety, from my training, work life and social life and how I manage to sew it all together?

I will also include some race reviews and photographs. Everything will be painting a picture of my Journey “Fatman – Ironman”

I hope it will inspire someone out there to believe and make a difference. Either to their own lives or to help someone else in theirs.

I will start my blog by going back to where it all started, Shrewton Running Club

Firstly, some background; –

I grew up without sport in my life and really didn’t look after myself. I loved the party life and very much burnt the candle from both ends. I drank loads and ate rubbish. I was often heard as saying “Cure a hangover with a fry up” and “If it can’t go between two pieces of bread – It’s not worth eating” or “Do I look like I eat salad?” I certainly was a full time salad dodger and rarely had anything green on my plate.

This behaviour was fine as a teenager, I seemed to be able to burn it all off without the need to exercise.

Around the age of 20 things started to change – I was slowly getting fatter and fatter and more depressed but never knew how to reverse the cycle. I never had the courage to say enough is enough. My friends and family were always too polite and just accepted me as I was.

I did try and get back into cycling around the age of 25 but being unable to ride like I used to as a teenager upset me. When my peddle fell off – Rather than fix it – I gave up. My return to cycling lasted for 1 week!

Eventually I couldn’t buy clothes “Off the peg” and would have to buy online. This is when I knew I had a problem. I had become a “Fatman” I didn’t see myself as depressed but on reflection, I clearly was.

My life would see a huge turn around through the least expected of routes – A works relocation package.

I moved to Wiltshire in October 2015, the following month I would turn 38.

Having registered with my new GP and invited for the “40 year old/thousand mile service” I was given the “You are clinically Obese” Label! I weighed in at 21 stone and had very high Cholesterol. It was seeing the graphic display of my Body Mass Index (BMI), calculated at 44.7, that disturbed me the most.


This was a hugely embarrassing day for me but something that had been coming for a long time. The GP was very pleasant but assertive at the same time. She really did lay it on thick and wasn’t going to let me leave until I had signed up to something. She gave me some vouchers and I joined Slimming World.

Moving to Wiltshire was indeed a good thing. Had I remained in Guildford I may never have been given that kick up the arse.

Thank you Dr Helen Pickup, Till Orchard Surgery – Shrewton, Wiltshire.

My next chapter will be about stepping into Slimming world for the first time.

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6 thoughts on “Ch. 1 – Introduction

  1. Acknowledging where you’re at and what you need to do to change something in your life is THE biggest hurdle. Having a target like you’ve given yourself of becoming an ‘Ironman’ is amazing. You’re so far down the line already. Be proud!

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