Ch. 18 – Training, and the build to Tri Camp. Mallorca 2019 – March

For the eighteenth chapter in my blog “Fatman to Ironman” I will start with a quote….

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

I truly believe in this kind of mantra. However, strap your selves in! March was a real roller coaster of a ride. One I was determined not to get off of!

I certainly wasn’t where I had planned to be, as we started the last 6 weeks of training before my training camp. Nonetheless I was excited and determined to knuckle down and be as best prepared as possible. Having said that, I could never of dreamed I would be doing so well in the swim. That indeed was a bonus. I never thought I would ever say “The Swim is my strength”

The first weekend in March

The first weekend in March went pretty much as planned. My focus was to remind myself what I had achieved in the first 100 days of my journey. I was buzzing about what I could achieve in the (Now less than) 100 days before I would be on the start line in Staffordshire.

There had been times in Ch. 17 where I thought of deferring my race to later in the year. It meant a Sea Swim….. Weymouth! The sea never bothered me, I could swim now, besides, the salt makes you more buoyant! However, Billy reminded me of what we had achieved in those early days together…. I was so much further forward. 100 days would be plenty! I reminded myself of my own quote.

“The body achieves what the mind believes

I didn’t need to defer, I can do this!

Billy had asked I start moving about on my feet some more, and I had agreed to start taking my dog Otis out for some longer walks. Otis had been Suffering with me. It was about time I made it up to him. I was continuing to smash the swim sets and starting to increase the time spent on the Turbo. The first Saturday in March would see me peaking at an impressive 12 minutes…. Boom!


Week 1

Things seemed to be a bit chaotic with life outside of training, but I felt I had a grip on things. The reality was, I had become used to the easier training schedule, whilst I recovered from injury. The recovery was now coming to an end, and training was slowly increasing. I had been banging out some quality swims, whilst not having to worry about the other disciplines of triathlon, my garden, or the race calendar, all were growing around me.

I seemed to be struggling to balance life with it and needed to take a break, before I fully transitioned from injury.

Sue and I took a well earned social  break away from our life, and caught up with our good friend Lucinda Colucci. A tonic, the world having tasted would be a better place. Sue and I both needed this distraction. On return, the mind would reset.

Starting the week

I chose to swap Monday’s rest day with Tuesday to make things work. My swim for Monday ended up as 1725m in 35 minutes, I was content with my planning and my effort. Albeit I was supposed to swim a 2k set! My watch hit the lane ropes a few times towards the end, as I tired and my swim became ragged. This pressed the lap button and left me confused. I don’t know how this happened, especially as the lap button is at the bottom of the watch. However, having noted I was fading I decided to call it a day, knowing I had swam more than a mile.

Perhaps my mind had not fully reset?

Tuesday was not so good.

I was down to increase my Turbo session through the week, and prepare for a possible outside ride at the weekend. I was eager to get my cycling gear back on and do some meaningful work on the bike. I had promised myself, and Billy, that come rain or shine I would be out there. The recent Turbo sessions were so short I didn’t bother changing, and I longed for something more. My patience was wearing thin.

Despite being very positive about the potential ride, I was unable to complete Tuesdays 15 minute Turbo session, and bailed after 5 minutes. I was getting some mild knee pain and through paranoia, I stopped at the earliest signs.

It was the right thing to do! The following day I was limping and struggling to fully straighten my leg when walking. Fortunately the mild pain would subside by lunchtime and just leave tightness. However, in the meantime I had succumbed to mental weakness and sent Billy a negative message, and booked an appointment with my Osteopath. img_1916

Whilst I had been on my feet a lot at work on the Tuesday, in reality the problem was completely down to me. It took this message, a creatively worded response and subsequent “chat” from Billy. One that was later confirmed with a slap round the face with a wet Kipper from my Osteopath.

I had been over-stretching, stretching badly and weak minded.

In order to increase volume on the bike I had been told stretching was going to be vital. It turns out that a stretch whilst standing having a chat, or leaning over a bench is not the best approach. I should have been focussing on what I was stretching and, in particular, not stopping when it felt too tough.

Whilst I sub-consciously knew this, the conscious state was using the excuse of the mild pain from the turbo. For that matter any other excuse I could find. How did this happen?

The problem was me! Billy and Caroline would have no problem in telling me! I had essentially set myself back a week by being casual about my stretching. “A schoolboy error” and one on which I do not intend to repeat. I was also allowing mild pain signals to control my decision making. Paranoia?

The limping wasn’t down to pain. Although it was there. I was limping because my Hamstrings had been allowed to tighten to the point I had lost the full range of movement.

Because of this Caroline has now paid off more of her holiday, and I now have to work off the last two sessions on the chocolate brownies.

Billy “Anything is possible” Harris was straight on it and adjusted my plan. Through this, we had released the question….

Should I start running?

Up until I got this “wake up” I wasn’t even contemplating running. Through guilt, I found myself searching for a positive, and in doing so I decided it was time to ease myself back into the run.

Billy agreed, without hesitation, but insisted I was very self controlled. There would be no “Sexy” run sessions for a while.

My Running Club (Shrewton) as if through fate, were starting their C25k course the following Tuesday, and as Secretary and one of the Run Leaders, I felt duty bound to attend. Despite helping with the planning of this with the committee, I was dreading turning up and being “Plain clothed”. I have done this far too many times in the past. It’s great to catch up and be social, but watching your running buddies go off into the distance as you walk home is no fun at all.

Billy and I agreed that I should get my kit on for the C25k, and run with the newbies. I would fulfil my duties as run leader and at the same time have a safe, steady return to running. Assuming my kit still fitted?

The focus for the remainder of the week would be to swim the Tri Club session and follow this up with (Tuesdays) failed 15 minute Turbo. Hopefully I could still hit the targets for the week?

Tri Club

For some weeks now I had been unable to use my leg (Kick) in the swim and had been

Pull bouy

focussing on upper body. The Pull Bouy, a simple device, had to this point saved my sanity, fitness and interest. Without this many sessions would have led to failure.

My swim was now my strength and I was beginning to show confidence. The previous two weeks I was first in the pool. I did not want to hang around chatting poolside, I wanted to, and needed to train.

For the Tri Club this session was important, one of the coaches was being assessed for his level 2 qualification. (Top work Tom.) Especially as your prepared set was quickly adapted to allow for me. I had a cracking swim under Toms coaching and learnt some tips on which to improve. I swam the whole session with a Pull Bouy and now wonder what I could have achieved without it. Having said that, this was still only two days after a scare and I’d like to think I made the right choice.

I did finish off the week as planned. My endurance 2.5k Swim was nailed on the Saturday just on the hour mark. And later followed up by the bike. Although I opted to do the bike indoors on the Turbo, this time due to the weather.

I had somehow managed to juggle my training, with work and life. Deal with a negative mindset, and finance other people’s holidays. All this in just week 1. However, I had earnt my rest day on the Sunday and promptly sent Billy a more positive message. I eagerly awaited the adjustments to my plan for the following week, and was excited, yet nervy about running.

Sunday was a rest day/or walk

My brother Andre, and sister in law Gaby we’re running the Surrey half marathon. Sue and I set off early to find a key point in the event to support them. I wasn’t able to run, but my brother Andre (Who started this thing) was. We were not going to miss the opportunity to encourage their efforts. It was an epically windy day. The kind of day when supporters have to have a deep rooted reason for being there.

I loved it. The atmosphere of the crowd, the enthusiasm of the marshals. So many different levels of ability, everyone enjoying their achievements.

We were at the 8/9 mile point and the runners were encouraged to dig deep as we cheered them on.

I fed off of this and realised I couldn’t wait to have the feeling myself, I remembered it from the events I had entered in the past. Just when you feel like you can’t do it, you hear a cheer, or see a face…. Something gives you that lift. Before you know it you are back in the zone and striding towards that medal. I missed this, I was ready to get back to training again. Injury rehab was over! It had been 8 weeks.

Week 2

Monday after work I raced upstairs and dusted down my cycling shorts. They felt a bit snug, but they were on. I checked for spiders in my cycling shoes and hopped down to my “Man cave”. It had been some time since it had been my “Pain cave”. I didn’t worry that it was cold, as I clipped into the cleats. I had wanted this for so long!

For the next 20 minutes I built into my ride. The resistance was now back on, on the Turbo. I gently added more resistance as I climbed up through the gears. My first non-rehab session! I eased off after 18 minutes for a cool down and noticed the first bead of sweat on my forehead for 8 weeks….. Small gains?

It might only be 20 minutes, but to me it was huge. I then set off for the pool…. Buzzing.

What a day indeed!

Tuesday/C25k day

As you have read I was keen to get out of my “plain clothes” and back into Lycra. It was finally time to run! As feared, the Lycra had become snug, as the Chocolate brownies made their appearance! My running tops certainly needed a bit of pre stretching, and whilst my shorts fitted, they required selection before I was happy to leave the front door. Fortunately we were two weeks shy of the clock change, and any wardrobe failures could be hidden by the cover of darkness. In reality I didn’t care! I would be running again.

Week 1 of Shrewton Running Clubs C25k went really well. A well organised event created a great atmosphere for the newbies, and an ideal platform for me to make my surprise return. I had not informed the club of my intentions. I guess I still feared I couldn’t do it. However, on the night I would surpass even my own best expectations….

I would run/walk the entire session as planned. I even had to stop my self running between the recovery intervals. I wasn’t out of breath and I wasn’t sweating. My Heart rate was fine. I even took responsibility of running the second half of the session, as Karen’s (C25k Co-ordinator) stopwatch was creating….. Boom! The swimming had paid off!

C25k week 1 – A lot of fearful, determined newbies huddling together – I remember that fear

I resisted the offer of going for a run with club members after. I felt I could do it, but I had already ran for longer than planned. I had started the day thinking 2 x 30 seconds pain free would be great. I had completed a twenty minute session without breaking a sweat.


Wednesday I was down for a “Hard swim”! Having recently told Billy that the swim had become easy, I was apprehensive. I had indeed come to the end of my injury rehab.

I approached the swim with a positive mindset, despite suffering from mild D.O.M.S (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from the C25k run. I had stretched well, but clearly after 8 weeks my quads had been given a shock.

The swim went well as I built into the “Hard” and “Max” elements. I was creating a hell of a bow wave as I dragged the Chocolate brownies through the water at a 1.56 per 100 m pace. I would hover at this pace for 10 x 25 followed by 3 x 50 marginally quicker…. I was blowing out of my arse. The intervals had a max 20s rest.

Somehow I had forgotten to swim 3 x 200 easy between these sets. I was now spent and had a fair way to go. I felt the heat of the blood rushing around my body as I near overheated poolside, my face felt violet and I was dizzy. A phenomenon I had read about when wearing a wetsuit in water too warm…. Hence some events at the last minute are Non-wetsuit.

I took a minute or two poolside, confused! I considered bailing out, but opted to swim on. Ironman would be unforgiving so why not use this experience. The remainder of my set was a battle of the mind over the body.

I would go on to complete a mile in 33.01 despite the fact I was down for a 2.1k Swim I was content.


Prior to my injury Tri Club night was often a stand-alone session. Tonight was different. We now had limited time available in the build to Mallorca. We needed to be creative. I would get on the bike prior to the swim and smash out a 20 min spin. It was indoors as light was fading, I built the cadence into a constant 85 rpm. Lifting the resistance as I climbed through the gears. No pain, and a bead of sweat as I entered my cool down.

A simple session to most people, and if I’m honest I could of stayed in the saddle for longer. I didn’t care, I had become consistent and I knew this was key in going forward. I also knew Billy would be increasing the bike volume next week and being a “hero” was not in the plan. I could wait.

Tri Club

Tri Club was awesome. The bike had no impact on my swim. In fact the confidence I got off of it helped me in my swim. I was going to nail this session. I was first in and eagerly awaited instruction to enter the 6 x 50 warm up! I was conscious I was swimming too fast and thought of slowing down. I wanted to be able to finish this session too. However, I quickly settled into a rhythm and was relaxed with my breathing, even at this pace. Perhaps I had indeed progressed. I maintained the pace and before I knew it the warm up was done. I later learned that my warm up pace was now sub 2:00 min/100. Perhaps a little quick, however, the splits late in the main set blew me away.

I had recently been promoted up a lane and knew it wasn’t going to be long before that happened again. I was slightly anxious about this but in order to progress I have to step into the unknown once in a while.

I was buddied up with Charlie Waters (DivStars) and we spent the night pushing each other beyond our comfort zones, despite being a friend, we had little time to chat. This was serious training. Top work Charlie, cheers mate!

I had become comfortable with swimming in the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and used the easy intervals as recovery. I was happy with the swim “on feel” approach. My watch was simply recording the session for Billy. This skill is doubtless going to be priceless as I get carried away at the beginning of the Ironman “Washing machine”


As I plodded through the easy intervals I would chuck in the odd zipper drill or shoulder tap to train, and maintain, my high elbow recovery. In the hard intervals I would push right through the swim stroke, trying my hardest to maintain form. In the past the rest intervals were never enough (before I became relaxed with my breathing) Tonight the rest intervals (15/20 sec) were plenty.

The session was adjusted as we neared the end of our set with 15 minutes to spare, piggy backing off the elite lanes set to fill the time. Boom! Charlie and I had come a long way. Later my Garmin would show some epic improvements and the odd 1:30 min/100. Clearly not a race pace time, but nonetheless on short intervals I knew I could do it.

I was buzzing as I staggered towards where I thought my car was, knowing I had left everything in the pool. I was so focussed on the session that I had forgotten where I had parked my car. Bizarre, given there was probably only twenty cars in the car park. Eventually finding it, and hoping this sort of thing happens to everyone, I got in and gave out a uncontrolled sigh. “I WAS READY”, at least as far as the swim was concerned.

The drive home was hindered by my windscreen misting up, as the heat of my exertion filled the cold air inside my car. The journey home was a blur, as I dreamed of a successful swim around Chasewater Reservoir On June 9th. I now needed to change my focus. I would keep up the swim, but the bike and run needed to take priority.

I don’t know that there is one single factor that has allowed me to improve in the swim

“Just keep swimming”

so much, but I do believe consistency is key. Due to injury I found myself consistently in the pool, to the point I felt like Dory, from “Finding Nemo” I also know that my wife Sue had a huge part to play.

Sue has suffered more than any in my transition. Through thick and thin she has found a way to come through and believe in me. As I describe a successful return to training, it would be a cardinal sin not to mention those who suffer in the background. However, in order to “suffer” properly I had asked sue to come along. It had been some time since she saw me swim.

Sue was blown away at the difference winter training had made. Somehow a boring hour as a poolside spectator went really quick for her, as she saw me glide through a tough session. Again, I was blowing out of my arse but on the surface it all looked good, apparently?


A well earned rest day, something usually not blog worthy, but today, was important. Important because I would be home early from work and sort out the oven. It had recently stopped working. However, in my very recent return to “proper” training I had failed in my husband duties for a couple of days. The oven would take priority today. How is it that I have changed that much that I now used a situation like this to perform stretch routines.

The oven is currently the injured member of the family as my repairs were only able to stretch to one of the ovens and the grill. The main oven would have to wait…. in the meantime the heat was now fully on as the rehab book closed once more.

The remainder of Friday would see me organise Bike Hire for Mallorca.

The weekend

In terms of training, the Saturday was going to be straight forward. I had to complete a 30-35 min Turbo session. I had the option of running it as I felt fit. The problem being that it was now early spring and the garden had indeed sprung.

I smashed Saturdays ride and found the 30 min mark with not only a bead on my forehead but a puddle at my feet. I would cool down with the first lawn mowing of the season.

I would also have a great swim on the Sunday, despite feeling some mild knee pain early on.

I was hitting an endurance pyramid a tad hard, the first 100 & 200 @ 2.00 min pace, too quick! I felt a slight twinge as I began the 400m. Slowing down to see how it felt, it seemed to go away as quick as it came on. I continued the remainder of the pyramid (600/800) at a much slower pace of 2.20 min per 100. I’m not sure I could of maintained the original pace anyway. The cool Down was something of a plod.

It had been a great weekend, finishing what I considered my first non rehab training block, I was ready to up my game. I hoped to now see some early success in the run.

I wasn’t worried about the bike, I knew I had lost a bit of bike fitness, but the run had ground to a halt a long time ago.

Week 3

Monday went past as an uneventful rest day although I did notice I was quite fatigued and glad of a day to recover….. Tuesday I would be back with the Running newbies for C25k wk2.

Tuesday C25k wk2

I had spent my lunch hour at work adjusting my “Ironman Athlete Profile” On The Ironman website. I had been asked to do this as I paid my entry fee way back in September 2018. Since then I had many other things to focus on. Until now the start line was my goal. Today I was focusing on crossing the finish line!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 12.58.01

I was going to do this!!

I didn’t get home until 1800 hrs. The clubs C25k session was due to start at 1830 hrs. I quickly hydrated and got into my running gear. No time to be faffing selecting the right outfit. I was out of the door and walking up the lane to the recreation ground. Proud to be calling myself a runner again. Proud the be training for a multi sport, and above all, positive I would be successful.

The newbies were also very confident with a noticeable increase in pace. I wasn’t going to get carried away with myself, and held my run leaders position mid pack. Occasionally I would drop back and check on the tail runners, feeding off of their enthusiasm as we all got through the session. This time I was sweating as we finished the final interval of run/walk.

The chatter of a bunch of people experiencing something they never thought they were capable of is spell binding.

The newbies congratulated each other on their success, and I quietly patted my self on the back for overcoming the negativity of the last couple of weeks, by conquering those thoughts, and smashing out two half hour run sessions.

As I entered our cool down I knew I had been away from running for a long time. I felt amazing having completed two running sessions without any niggles. This time the stretching would be serious.

I awoke the next morning to a very positive message from Billy, excited about the remaining four weeks leading to Tri Camp. Whilst I had lost my way…. Billy never lost belief in me. I would now get my head down and smash the remainder of my training.

Wednesday Turbo

After a particularly stressful day at work, a session was just what I needed. Not the kind of session the old me might of had, the kind of session where you feel “alive” as the endorphins take you on a ride away from life. A post exercise “Rush”. My job is usually very rewarding but today, Job satisfaction was going to come from a different type of work….. It’s Turbo time again!!

I love a Turbo, as you have read, but recent sessions were for rehab and not training. Today’s session would change that.

Ok it was only 30 mins. But as I prepared my towel and clipped in, I was instantly in the zone. The outside world could have been a different continent. I was completely detached from life, as I focussed on the set.

I was building through the warm up, listening to a random playlist, and holding my heart rate in an Aerobic state. Then as if a lightning bolt from the Tri Gods, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” instantly spiked a hard effort, right on cue with the programme. The session was going to be awesome. (Despite not being a massive fan of Metallica, I can say this tune was bang on)

I then watched my heart rate glide back down into an Aerobic state for the next interval. There could have been twenty people in my “Pain cave”! I wouldn’t have noticed one. It was me versus the numbers. The desire to hit the target was back. The desire to be disciplined was back…. I was back.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 08.53.47

The sound of unclipping my cleats was the most amazing sound I have heard for a long time. My senses were heightened through exercise, as every beat of my heart pounded joy from ear to ear. I WILL do this!


A short run as a build back into training….

I awoke to the early chirps from the birds as they began their dawn chorus. I wasn’t hanging around, as I got myself up and into my gear. I remembered what it was like to exercise before most people were awake. Just you, and the birds. The air was crisp, as I walked a fast pace warm up. The light a deep blue! The earliest of the sun broke the darkness. I reached my start point and got into a steady Aerobic pace. I was retracing one of my favourite routes. One of which I hadn’t run since before Christmas. The Blackbirds song, fought by the chirp of a Robin, as I attempted my first flight of steps…. I can do this….. It turns out that….. No I couldn’t. I had indeed lost “A step” and any attempt to run would have left me exhausted once at the top…… I would walk these steps, and begin running once at the top.

A quick pause at the top, and a right turn towards a country track. I nearly overran the interval as I was so “In the zone”, the vibration and beep of my watch bringing me back in touch with my heartbeat. A short walk to allow myself back into the Aerobic zone.

By the end of the third repetition I was quite sweaty. Clearly burning off the chocolate brownies. I was content with my effort as the clock ticked past 0600 hrs.

There really is no better time to train!

I challenge you to at least……. Go for a walk as the birds awake, and as the sun rises. Go on get out there!


Early that morning (at work) I would “tweak” my knee whilst instructing students on “best practice” when applying torque to screw threads. It was a reasonably high torque of 163Nm. I didn’t want them to injure themselves. In demonstrating “best practice” my weak knee buckled slightly, resulting in my fist clouting my ear, as my grip left the torque wrench. I also suffered grazing and cuts to the left hand as I slipped across the screw threads. As with any true professional… I carried on as if nothing had happened. Teeth gritted and fingers bleeding. Also true to form was the compassion from my colleagues and students alike as they giggled at my expense. Such is the standard operating procedure within military establishments.

I would choose not to attend Tri Club that night.

The pain at 1030 in the morning was noticeable, and by lunchtime it had gotten worse! My injury had been aggravated and I was being reminded by my body not to try and be a hero! By the evening the pain had resided, nonetheless I pulled out of training for the night.

Besides, my swim was not in question. I could afford to miss a session. I hoped the following day to be rid of the pain and be able to get on the bike.


I awoke early, excited by the possibility of an early morning Turbo. Sadly the walk down stairs reminded me I was not “Out of the woods” and opted to have a chill out prior to leaving for work.

Military minds do not forget, as the sarcastic “welcome back” greeted me through the door. I had been off a fair bit recently through injury. The lads were surprised to see me.

As the morning developed I knew the Turbo session was going to have to be binned. The pain was only occurring when load bearing on the knee… Climbing steps etc. When standing or walking it was fine.

Given my recent positive mindset, I knew I could fall back on the swim. I sent Billy a message explaining where I was at, and asking for a swim option.

Boom! I was indeed back!

As soon as I got home I adjusted the workout on my watch to allow for the swim session. Billy, clearly having a full understanding of how to push my buttons, had set me a strength swim. The kind of set where rest intervals reduce and intensity rises. This time I made full use of the easy intervals.

I would go on to smash the set!

The weekend was going to be pivotal. I had researched the amount of energy supplements I would need for my training camp. I had made the purchase, allowing for some full on 100k rides, some serious swim beastings and some running. Now I needed to be training again. This work related thing needed to be gone come the morning.

The “Pivotal” weekend. (23/24th)

T-4 weeks to Mallorca! There wasn’t anytime left to fanny about! I had to start testing my injury. Somehow I needed to start building strength into the bike and the run. It had to start…. Now! Ironman 70.3 is not an afternoon family bike ride, and the run is no “walk in the park”! You are plucked out of the event if you fail to reach transition within a certain time. No refund! Before all of this you have canoes and paddle boards waiting to pounce on your weakness.

Saturday started with a proper “Full English”. Sue was unwell, and I was let loose in the kitchen… We were well fed, for sure. Fortunately I had a potential Brick session ahead. If I felt good getting out of the pool I could transition straight into the run, treadmill or outside.

I wasn’t able to get to the pool until 1500 hrs. I arranged all my kit for the session and tended to the lawn.

The swim went exceptionally well. Another endurance pyramid. Using the lane congestion as my recovery, I finished a 2.1k Swim with plenty left in the tank.

After a quick towelling down I put my running top and shoes on. Within no time at all I was into a rhythm. The treadmill pacing me, through the run, and my music denying any negativity through the recovery. This was an awesome start to the remainder of my training. I might have looked like I had just got out of a lake, despite previously towelling down, but I didn’t care! I had completed my first Brick session of at least eight weeks. It felt like proper training, and it was pain free!

I did get a “reminder” as I straddled past the shower door. A sudden pain from behind the kneecap. It was a reminder that I wasn’t yet clear of the woods. I guess my ligaments are still weak, and any odd movement allows my knee to buckle and stresses the tendon? I was walking a tightrope.

Fortunately an hour later I was pain free except when ascending or descending steps. The plan for Sunday was an outside ride…… I live in a valley!

I would sleep and assess things as I came down the stairs. My kit would be ready to go regardless.

I would finish the “pivotal” weekend with a simple ride, an unremarkable 12k tester. I had chosen to stay within the boundaries of our village. Testing the odd short hill here and there. One thing is for sure, I have plenty of work to do.

I chose to finish this chapter on the anniversary of my first ever multi sport event – The “Avon Aquathlon”  (25th March) It has been a year since I was barely able to swim a length. A year since I completed an event I genuinely though I was going to drown in.


You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”– Michael Phelps

Thank you for reading the latest chapter in my blog.

Please take the time to read the previous chapters in my journey. Chapters 1-18 have been a lot of fun to write, and I welcome your comments and opinions.

For the next chapter in my blog I will describe my training through April and my experiences in “Mallorca 2019”


Previous chapters in my Journey “Fatman – Ironman”


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